Did you know, the grass is still green and the sky is blue?

by Mike Aux-Tinee

Do you know, the grass is still green and the sky is blue? Of course you do. But do you have any time to spend pursuing personal interests?

Do you remember as a child, your day’s activities included climbing trees, catching fireflies and playing outside until hours after sun set?

Do you secretly wish you had time to listen to a ball game on the radio or put together a family photo album?

Or maybe, you would like to spend time visiting with family and friends.

While you can not reclaim lost time, you can start today to work those things back into your life.

Our modern lives have become more complex. There is a never-ending demand for our time. With out time for ourself, we may experience increased stress and unhappiness.

It is not wrong to want time for yourself and having time for personal interests is a good thing. By doing this, you can relax, release tension and stress. Someone who is relaxed is more likely to be a healthier person.

The first place to start, is to come up with a list of personal interests. Think it  like this, if I had two hours to do anything I wanted, what would it be?

Then write it down.

By writing it down, the list becomes permanent. You will start thinking about possibilities and that is the point. To start thinking about doing something else with your time.

Second, look at your weekly schedule and establish priorities. Of course, going to work ranks near the top. As should paying bills, going to the grocery store and so on.

But, what on your list can be simplified, reduced or eliminated? Do you have the option of running errand at lunch?  Doing this, could save  time later.

Third, set up the time and stick to it. 

Once you get into this, you may find additional time throughout the week to pick up another activity, schedule time to meet with family or friends or just sit and make sure, the grass is still green and the sky is blue.

Peace Dudes!


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