Take aim and fire! Financial independence is worth fighting for!

By Mike Aux-Tinee

I want to know… where are the founding fathers when we need them? You know, those crazy British colonists who decided to have a go at running their own country. They wanted to be free to live their lives on their own terms.

I would love to see their faces, if they came back and saw what we have done with the place.

We have thrown out nearly everything they have worked and fought for. Our freedom and liberties are watered down to a point of nonexistence. We have indebted ourselves beyond all comprehension. The worst part of it, our debt is owned by many foreign countries. They do not even need to fire a shot to take us over. The dude at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave gets a phone call and is told what needs to be done.

How would you feel, if you placed your life and the lives of your loved ones on the line only to discover, your hard work has been thrown out with the bath water? I bet, you’d be ticked off! I know I certainly would be.

In our desire to have it ‘all’ we have lost our way. More Americans have lost their homes, jobs, their credit rating is so low that many will never get a ‘prime rate’ loan for years maybe even a decade. And for what? Just to have more toys than we really need and can use at any one time. Because we have to show off.

I’d like to know when will common sense and self-discipline return?

I think, it is time to pull the old musket off the mantle, join your fellow countrymen on the line and once again, fight off tyranny and oppression.

The enemy are the people who want you to buy something. NO MONEY DOWN! They want you to buy what they are selling. Even if it will hurt you or is not right for you. They withhold information that would change your mind. They do not care, how much more this will put you into debt.

These people are the modern-day traitors. Their only goal is to take more of your money, steal your security and their weapon of choice is fear.

Let me be very clear… being debt free equals freedom. When you are in debt, the one that owns your debt, OWNS YOU. They do not care if you can not pay your rent. Can not pay your credit card bills? So sorry, again my share if you please –  you better have it next month, or things will get very ugly.

The way to absolute freedom is as follows:

1. Never take on more debt than you can pay. If that means, not buying a house, a car, or spending on the credit card then that’s the way it needs to be.

In fact, if you can not pay with 100% cash, you do not need it until you can.

2. Never take a hand out from anyone. It’s time to learn some self-reliance and discipline. Which will lead to greater independence.

You will experience a greater sense of pride if you pay for things on your own. You will also respect those things even more.

3. Learn to be self-reliant. This means ironing your own clothes, cooking your own meals and learning how to fix things.

Think of it like this, your plane just crashed and you are alone on a tropical island. Time to start being the boy/girl scout, buster! You do remember those things… DON’T YOU?

4. Save, save some more and then… save even more than that!

Having a safety net of at least 2-3 years is a minimum. Many Americans have been out of work for years and are really having a difficult time getting back on their feet. If many of them would have had a safety net, had less debt and lived below their means, this economic down turn would not have been as painful.

Just as our founding fathers did over 230 years ago, stand up for your right to live without the fear of financial ruin and indebtedness.

Peace dudes!


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