Do you have a theme song or sound track to your life?

by Mike Aux-Tinee

Some time ago a friend of mine asked me the question, “If you were stranded on a tropical island, what three CD’s would you like to have with you”? She should have known better to ask me this. I tried really hard to play along and I asked her if a greatest hits or box set count as one CD? I got a disappointed look from her, I was not taking her question seriously enough. I loved getting her to do that (her boyfriend at the time did not appreciate my attempts to annoy her).

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So, to protect the peace and prevent WWIII from breaking out, I came up with my three choices only to be quizzed, “Why would you pick those three?” I tried to explain my three choices to her. Luckily, it was time to leave and I avoided further torture and torment by heading out the door.

I read somewhere a person’s musical interests change over time. Could it be possible that I would not pick the same three CD’s? If I did not pick the same three again, what would I like to have with me? Giving it more thought (but not too much to detract from any higher order functioning), I came up with the following answers to serve as a guide through these deep and philosophical questions:

If you please, a drum roll…

 If I went with a practical approach here are my three choices:

  • Motley Crue: Shout at the Devil/Black Sabbath: Heaven and Hell
  • Fleetwood Mac’s greatest hits
  • Something by Cheap Trick, Van Halen or Led Zeppelin

I look at it like this, there are wild and crazy jungle critters on this island and playing one of the first two could scare them off. I would not get eaten and avoid an early demise.

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If the island was located in the South Pacific, there could be exotic islanders who have never seen someone like me before and would want to (insert imagination here)… the reason for wanting Fleetwood Mac.

Then, for the third choice I would need something to make a fast getaway. I just discovered I am to be the main course. I would want something peppy and upbeat as I was paddling like a madman out into the ocean and back to the safety of my island. Again, avoiding an early demise.

If I wanted to make contact with my inner touchy-feely, I would bring these three along:

  • One of those all sound CD’s: (the kind that mixed in soft music with a thunder-storm, a flowing stream or Tibetan monks chanting)
  • Just about anything by Taylor Swift
  • Something by Cheap Trick, Van Halen or Led Zeppelin

Having the sounds of a thunder-storm on hand could be very beneficial. I could turn up the volume on the radio to convince those wild and crazy jungle critters that a hurricane was coming. They would panic and head for the hills more concerned about saving their own hides. Again, I would avoid being eaten and extend my lifespan.

Another added bonus to having this CD, when they heard the Tibetan monks chanting it would convince them there are too many humans around. It may not be a good idea to attack them while the pack is together and they might whip out sticks to whack us with. So how about we look for food some other place. I would avoid another early demise.

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As for Taylor Swift, I would use her music to lull those wild and crazy jungle critters and distract them. Once distracted by her gentle and angelic voice, I would whack them over the head. (They were right, I do have a stock pile of sticks to whack them with). Thus elevating myself to King of the Jungle, I would dance around the huge bonfire and have a bar-b-que. What? I need to eat too!

But just in case, if not all of them were duped by my ploy, I would need something peppy and upbeat to help me make a fast getaway. There is nothing like making a mad dash through the jungle to Van Halen playing “Running with the Devil“. I can see it all now, me running and screaming bloody murder while being chased by a horde of ticked off wild and crazy jungle critters bent on elevating themselves to my once desired position.

I know they have to eat too, but why can’t they just be happy eating coconuts and wild berries? I was not really that serious about doing that to them anyway. Once I successfully made it back to my jungle fort, I would turn on the Tibetan monks chanting CD, thus turning back the angry horde. I would avoid yet another close call and early demise.

If I wanted to accept my fate of being stranded on this tropical island, I would ask for these three:

  • Any thing by Jimmy Buffett
  • Anything by Bob Marley
  • Something by Cheap Trick, Van Halen or Led Zeppelin

I would build a huge bonfire and invite everyone over to my place for a HUGE party. Hey, just like Jimmy Buffett said, “It’s five o’clock somewhere”. I do not have a clock or a watch and would not have to worry about going to work the next day.

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Later that night when everyone was crashed out, I would stuff  them into the pacific islander’s canoes and shove them out to sea. I know it would be difficult after hosting a HUGE party and I would try not to laugh and wake them up. I love pulling practical jokes.

Once everyone woke up the next morning, they would need something peppy and upbeat to paddle their butts off to. It is hurricane season and they better get to the nearest tropical island before the canoe gets swamped and those crazy sharks and other ocean critters come around for a snack. 

I hope they make it somewhere safe. I would hate to get a bad reputation throughout the South Pacific as someone who throws crappy parties. On reflection of my friends’ question and my thoughts about musical tastes changing over time:

I would like to add this into evidence, your honor, and state that YES, our interests DO change over time. We may not voluntarily change, but we are forced to change by some environmental factor. After all, we do need something peppy and upbeat to get us through while we try to avoid an early demise.

Peace Dudes!


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