Has anyone seen the ice cream man?

By Mike Aux-Tinee

Each summer I look forward to the semi-weekly visits by the ice cream man. As a kid, I believed he possessed higher mental powers that told him it was time to come through the neighborhood. When I would hear his bell I would drop everything and make the mad dash out the door, (I would not slobber like Pavlov’s dogs). My mother would  encourage me to try something different this time around. When I caught up to him I would trade the money I saved for my favorite ice cream. It was the most beautiful arrangement I knew at the time.

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That arrangement has continued to this very day. Well, that is not really true. It has lasted until his last visit LAST YEAR! I have not seen his truck nor heard the bell ringing since.

I do not know why he has not come back. Things were going along pretty good, we would meet and trade for what the other had. There are other substitutes and I do suffer with them through the lean times  (when he stops coming around for the year). I know the world will not end and a little less whining might make this a better place. 

In a vain attempt to get my tasty frozen treet, I went as far as to visit the company’s website to try and locate another ‘supplier‘ to fill the void. I put the product locator through the motions and I was successful! There is a grocery store that carries my beloved treat and this store is just…96 miles away and in a smaller town! What in the world? Why do I need to travel almost 100 miles and to a smaller town?  I thought there were benefits living in the concrete jungle; this is where the good stuff should be, right?? Things are not looking so hot for us home gamers.

I need to find a way to resolve this perplexing problem or it will be a long summer. Here is what I came up with:

1. Figure out another way to get the goodies sent to me. I thought about calling up Mr. Warren Buffett and working out a deal where some of the ice cream treats could be shipped to me on his new railroad. I know his railroad has refrigerated cars and one box would not take up that much space. I would not even mind waiting for the train to pass by so the conductor could hand them off.

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2. Start a letter writing campaign. It could not hurt to start writing letters again; as this is becoming a lost skill. People really like getting mail and if someone in a cube farm somewhere gets a nice-nice letter they might be more inclined to help. A letter might come back with an apology and maybe coupons for some of their other products. 

The first thing you need to before you start sending off letters is to evaluate your writing skills. It is embarrassing to send off a letter full of spelling and grammatical errors (just as an F.Y.I, spell check does not exist on paper). If you would rather be more daring you can start your own blog.  It is very exciting to write a post, click the publish buttonand have someone ‘out there’ read it.  Before you mail the letter or click the publish button put it away and come back to it later. What I thought was funny or earth-shaking one day was not all that great once it had time to simmer on the back burner. No sense is sending along something that does not help your case.

3. Listen to your mother and try something new. This is not the same as throwing in the towel and giving up. You should never give up on something you really want so easily. Following her advice could payoff in HUGE dividends for you. It is exciting to try something new, you could find a new favorite or at the very least look like you are making the effort.  Which would make your mother very happy.

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This is how far life can take you and return you full circle.

Peace dudes!


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