My own happiness project (new series)

By Mike Aux-Tinee…

I just finished reading The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. I really enjoyed this book and think you might too.

There were aspects of her life that she wanted to make improvements in, such as less nagging, have fun, get more sleep. She wondered if she made these  changes would they increase her happiness. Then she took each point and worked on it for the month. She writes about her success and set backs, incorporating various quotes from authors, poets and philosophers along the way.

While reading the book, I began to think about ways I would like to improve my life and increase my happiness. I realized, I have a lot of negativity in my life from various sources. While I can not control the world, I can control the way I look at and respond to it. Just thinking about this, I started to feel less stressed!

Just like Gretchen, I have come up with my own list; ideas on ways to improve my happiness. I am not going to work on just one a month, but over time incorporate these into my life. My goal, is to reduce the bad and increase the good and along the way, I hope I become happier.

I realize, I can not change the world. Really, none of us can. It is too big, there are too many people. But maybe, just maybe, if I change the world around me will become better. And that in itself, could change the world.

While my list is similar to hers, such as Be Gretchen and Be Mike, there are some differences. Several items on my list seem to be redundant, such as keep temper in check and avoid negativity. I will explain more as I go along. I will also be making posts about each point and how I am coming along and my discoveries.

I really hope to replicate her success and become happier…. here is my Happiness Project List:

  •  Be Mike
  •  Reduce clutter
  •  Focus on being positive; speaking & acting
  •  In hand, do it then
  • Avoid public embarrassment
  •  Life does not go your way, learn to compromise
  •  Think of other people’s feelings
  •  Get more exercise
  •  Get more sleep/rest
  • Make time for fun/activities
  • Special interests
  • Avoid negativity; people & thoughts
  • Keep temper in check

I am in control of my life and how I want to live it. I am making this choice starting today. I hope my posts inspire you. Pick up her book too.

Peace Dudes!


One thought on “My own happiness project (new series)

  1. That sounds neat. I am working on being more positive in my life and focusing on my blessings. I have done very well for the past few months. I haven’t kept any sort of record, I just know in general I am happier and more content in life. I may have to look into that book. I wish you all the best on your happiness project.

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