#1. To be Mike, nothing more, nothing less.

By Mike Aux-Tinee…

When I thought about where to begin with my own happiness project, I could have started with any of my 13 points. I hope I will have more success if I am happier when I move on to the other points like thinking positive or working to keep my temper in check. 

This little endeavor is more than a half-hearted resolution. I really want to make these changes and if I expect any changes to occur and stick, I need to start being me first.

When I think of ‘being me’, it is important to define what that means. How things contribute to my happiness and when I am feeling down, what can I do to change how I feel.

For this little project to take off and for me to get the most out of it, I need to come to grips with my own limitations. That is a difficult thing to acknowledge let alone admit to everyone reading this post. It does not make me a bad person or make me inferior, it’s just that I am not able to do somethings other people can. I can honestly say, I am just average and being so is fine with me.

I do not want to bore you with a long list, so how about an abbreviated one to keep this short and sweet (which also makes me very happy):

What makes me happy:

  • simplicity 
  • friends and family
  • exercise 
  • reading
  • being outside

What doesn’t: 

  • not having enough time
  • wastefulness
  • rude/selfish people
  • being inside all day

On the road to making me happier, I want to focus on the list that makes me happy while working to limit those things that make my life more difficult than necessary. Of course, to keep the happy list short there are many things that I left off, such as listening to music, the food I like to eat and gardening. But I did say, I like short and sweet.

When I think about the things in life that make me happy now, I think they always have.  I do not think, I actually knew what they were until I started thinking about them.

Why not leave a happiness list of your own…

Peace dudes!


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