Inspirational quote of the week.

by Mike Aux-Tinee…

Don’t part with your illusions. When they are gone you may still exist, but you have ceased to live. – Mark Twain

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Do not be afraid of failure or ridicule. When you pursue your dreams, failure does not exist. If you do not succeed in achieving your dreams, you have discovered a way they can not be achieved. It is not the end, but a test of your resolve.    

Those who ridicule you are afraid you will succeed. Do not listen to their words. Do not bend or waver. They do not want to be left alone. They are afraid of being alone. They are not your friends.  Do not stop until they are many miles behind you.

Every moment that passes is a missed opportunity to move closer to realizing your dreams. More time is coming around. You will regret that you let it pass.

Every barrier can be overcome. Get a ladder, build stairs or go around it. There is a solution to every problem. Do not dismiss any of them because they do not seem possible.

I hope you gain something from this post. I am going to post a new one every week.

Peace Dudes!


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