Alnwick, a gem in the rough… part 2.

By Mike Aux-Tinee.

Alright. It would appear technology won out over man yesterday. For some reason, I could not insert all of the other photos. I could have reached a size limit… maybe did not say the right code words…  or maybe it was just good ole knuckle-headedness that kept me from getting it done…. I know… here is your sign.

If I could have included the photos yesterday, here are the ones from Alnwick gardens:

I really loved the gardens. The English take their gardens very seriously and you can tell by how beautiful they are! There are benches throughout the garden. I could have spent more time there, but it was the end of the day…

Cragside was really pretty too: I felt as if I should be in the Alps somewhere waiting for a sled dog team to come along and whisk me off to the entrance.

Take the time to visit. It’s so interesting what he did with the house, where he put it and how the gardens were landscaped.

If you remember the last post, I did say there is a bridge on the property. I guess he wanted to build one more for old times sake. Actually, it links up the other side of the property. It is a really peaceful place and I think that is why he picked it to put his house on.

If you have the chance, travel the world. There are things that you can’t learn in books or from a website.

Peace Dudes!


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