Inspirational quote of the week

By Mike Aux-Tinee.

Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.
– Confucius
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A child sees it, so does the poet, the dreamer and the artist.
Preoccupation managing an over scheduled modern life has blinded us to beauty. No longer are we excited about beauty, but rather by cell phones with thousands of applications, first person shooter games, social media and the next generation device.
Racing to obtain and consume more has numbed our senses, jaded our perceptions, propelled us towards a future as a cold, uncaring and mechanical being.
Our focus should not be on consumption, but rather focused on time spent reclaiming our curiosity, wonder and to be amazed at the beauty around us.
Peace Dudes!

5 thoughts on “Inspirational quote of the week

    • It is nice to receive your feed back about my post. I try to incorporate the quote and my thoughts in a mini-post. Just enough to catch attention and start the process along. I have more posts just like this one for you to read. I try to write and post these on Mondays.

  1. Good day, I accidently found this blog by by sheer fluke and I am pretty made up I did. Such a marvellous discussion, you have a really fascinating blog keep it up. I will make sure to check it out. Once again thank you Bryce Ford.

    • Bryce, it is my hope to start the discussion and others come along and join in. There is so much to life that we miss out on because we are moving so quickly. It is time we move a little slower, take deeper breaths and watch mother natures beauty pagent. I look forward to your comments! Thank you.

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