A sunshine award!

By Mike Aux-Tinee.

I wish to thank In Blue for nominating me for a sunshine award. 


I am very grateful she took the time to stop by my site and nominate me for this award. I took some time to visit her site and was very impressed with her writing and her creativity. She takes photos and makes a collage with them, not sure how she does it, but they are very beautiful.

Please take the time to follow the link to her site and spend some time there.

These are the comments she left and her site addrress.

“passing on the Sunshine Award to you…glad to have found you…”

As I understand, there are some questions for me to answer, I have included them and my response.

10 Questions to Share

favourite colour – brown

favourite animal – dog

favourite number– 10

favourite non alcoholic drink– orange juice

Facebook or twitter- neither

my passion- to learn

getting or giving presents– giving

favourite pattern– plaid

favourite day of the week– all of them

favourite flower– purple cone flower


I hope my answers provide a little more insight about me.

Peace dudes!


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