The grass is not always greener on the other side of the fence.

By MIke Aux-Tinee.

Your life is not going the way you want. In fact if it was in between a rock and a hard place, things would be easier. It seems you and your spouse are always at odds over something. The dog has taken up archeology and is digging up the back yard in search of Cortez’s treasure. Your son just got another speeding ticket; for 55 mph through a school zone. And let’s not mention what your little princess did with the credit card.

So you want to escape and you are not the only one. The girl behind the counter serving your coffee wants to escape. The guy driving in the car next to you wants to escape too.


In order to have a little peace and quiet, you flop down on the couch to spend some quality time watching the boob tube. You flip around stations and come across a reality T.V. show. Since there is nothing else really on, you decide to stay and watch. The show has a cast of some surgically altered bombshells who are bouncing around and just having a blast. The longer you watch the more you are mesmerized. Secretly, you begin to wish that could be your life; no concerns, no kids, and definitely no struggles with the rush hour commute.

What just happened? You find their lives more exciting and much better than yours. So next week and every week there after, you tune in to watch their lives play out.

What you see week after week is what you begin to want in your life. Taking expensive trips to posh hotels and partying all night. Then after you wake up at noon, jump into a limo for an afternoon of spa treatments, shopping and lunch at expensive restaurants.

Of course who would not like to live a life like that?

Well, for one… me.

I am not under the delusion that anyone’s life is better than mine. Especially someone on a reality television show. Because I know, it’s all staged to entertain and sell commercial air time. That’s it!

When my life gets a little rough, I do not try to escape it, but confront it head on. I have no intention of leaving my life to create another one just because things have gotten a little out of hand. And neither should you.

See, we all have problems; even those people we see on T.V. They are just like you and me; they fight with their spouses, battle with their kids to eat their veggies and cringe when they have to pay taxes.

While we may think the grass on the other side of the fence is greener, often when you take a closer look, you’ll discover it’s a complete and utter nightmare that’s not worth trying to replicate.

The longer you are unhappy, the worse you are going to feel. What you are going through can not go on indefinitely. And it’s time to address the problems in our lives so we can create long-lasting inner peace and happiness. So what do I propose to help? Well, here is what you need to do… like today!

1. Identify the problem. What exactly is causing your unhappiness?

Is your son getting too many speeding tickets? Is your little princess running up and maxing out the credit card? Are you having problems at work? Are you stressed out about your debt? Take the time and search for the causes of your stress and declining happiness.

2. Develop the solution. What can you do today to change what is going on and make your life less of a nightmare?

If junior thinks it’s cool to race the family station wagon like it’s an Indy race car, take the keys away. He can either walk or ride his bike. After all, it is your car and not his. If you are stressed about your debt, then it’s time to come to grips with spending and ask yourself why you are doing it.

3. Get some guts. Yea, I did just day that. It’s going to take some guts to enact the changes and come down like the mountain on whoever is making your life difficult. There is going to be some mean things said, but remember you are the one who is not happy and that has to change. If they do not like it too bad.

4. Enact the plan. It’s time to pounce like a hawk; do not flinch or let them see fear in your eyes. Once you act there is going to be some push back and here is where the huge dose of guts comes in handy. Stand your ground, do not compromise or allow any sort of negotiations to occur. Doing so defeats the point of increasing your happiness and only goes to increase theirs.

You must always remember that your happiness is priority number 1. There is no one who is going to come along and make you happier. It is time to start today, this very minute to change things around before the get out of hand and the solutions to fix them become more difficult.  

Peace Dudes!


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