Now accepting new members.

By Mike Aux-Tinee.

There is no application. You will not be interviewed by a search committee and there is no probationary period you must sit through before you become a full fledged member. You do not have to spend a certain number of hours volunteering, have a near perfect grade point average or be the star of your sports team and there is no membership card that you will be sent.

What I am looking for are individuals who want to build (and join) a community with people just like themselves. Who want to contribute their knowledge and experiences for the greater good of everyone. I know, talking about getting out of debt, happiness, living a life more on your own terms and the other topics I write about here is getting through. What I have written is being read by thousands of people from 50 countries. With that many people, I know there are many of you with something you’d like to say and maybe you do want to share what you know but are waiting to be asked. Cool… politeness…!

Alright. I am asking. How about you toss in what you know, ask what you would like to know and speak to someone who has the same thoughts and ideas as you. You may be wondering, I live in say, Southeast Asia, what can I possibly learn from someone living in Europe? Well we all have something to share and more importantly, have so much more to learn. Everyday I check out my blog, I am learning new things from people all around the world and I think we should come together and share.

As many of you know, I do not charge for what I write about in my posts. I never will ask you for money to pay for this site. I am rather turned off by sites that have their hand out asking. I do write books and I will be adding a tab where you can check them out. If you like what you see and want to buy one great. If not that is great too.

I hope this idea of mine turns out to be a good one!

Peace Dudes!



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