Venice on the margins.

by Mike Aux-Tinee.

Traveling is tiring and your normal schedule is disrupted: you are eating at different times, there is a lot of waiting and you are walking more than normal.

Getting up early (or skipping the late afternoon nap) may not be on the agenda and you may revolt at the idea. After all, you are on vacation and need the rest. So why in the world would I suggest wrecking your sleep patterns even more than they already are?

Well… I have several reasons! Where you are staying looks much different at sunrise and sunset. There are fewer people. You are able to take some spectacular photographs and the one thing many people over look…the opportunity to spark some romance!

I love to meander and just poke around. Taking time to look at something that may interest me without feeling rushed or being constantly run over by distracted people, so getting out early or after everyone had left made sense to me.

When we were planning our trip, someone suggested that we take some time and check out Venice either at sunrise and sunset. And, as the photos will show, Venice is really beautiful when you take the time and walk around and get off the beaten path.

The other good thing about doing this, it costs absolutely nothing to walk around, take photos and admire the architecture. Mix in a little hand holding and let the romance blossom!

Could it be possible for a vacation to get better? Well… maybe… it’s entirely up to you and how you plan your time, but you can make it more memorable! Which is one of the reasons for traveling anyway!

This is how I imagined Venice! Once the day trippers left, the gondolas took over and began their leisurely pace up and down the Grand Canal. With the majority of the boats gone, the place was very quiet and we felt as if we were the only ones there (insert more romance!)

The Grand Canal at sundown!

It does not matter which one you pick, but if at all possible you absolutely must check out where you are at either time.

Peace Dudes!



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