Attack of the holiday hugs!

by Mike Aux-Tinee

This is the season of joy, happiness and light. We are supposed to be filled with holiday cheer. You know what I am talking about. It’s the most wonderful time of year (or so the song says). And yet… people are just not acting and more importantly feeling that way.

As the holiday season moves along listen to people complain about getting everything ready for the holidays. From decorating the house, buying that just right gift (working tirelessly to keep it a secret and wrapping it in a closed off section of the house!). Hitting the grocery store to buy EVERYTHING absolutely required to ensure a wonderful meal. Then, let’s not even mention some of those other ‘must have’ items such as the perfect outfit or worse one of those damn awful and ugly Christmas sweaters.

It’s no wonder people are angry, frustrated and just down right not in the holiday spirit!

Well, I think, it’s time for me to come along and turn the ship around… To become an ambassador of holiday spirit, joy and happiness. Then go about and share it with everyone I come across. The question you may be asking yourself, “How can one person undo so much negativity, in so many people and in such as short time?”

Alright… It’s very simple. I am going to give the gift of hugs. And doing so is going to take nearly everyone I bestow one of my hugs to completely off guard! Think about it for just a moment. When is the last time you got and gave a hug? Very likely it’s been a while. But when you get one, how do you feel? It does make you feel better…

And that is what the holiday season should really be about!

Peace Dudes!


(And you know, you can do this too!)


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