Overcoming my self-doubt.

by Mike Aux-Tinee.

Self-doubt is a limiting belief that negatively impacts our life and the primary component is fear. While there are many fears that actually protect and prevent us from making a life ending decision. There are others that do not protect us at all, such as the fear of rejection, public humiliation, failure and while it sounds rather odd when I say it, we can also fear success. The irony of it is that we can control these fears more than we realize.

It goes something like this. We are confronted with a decision, then one or several of these irrational fears come along, rears their ugly head, and we freeze up. We delay making a decision that could bring about personal growth, increase our happiness or wealth. It’s possible we do not believe we are worthy enough and we talk ourselves out of it.

For a very long time I let my self-doubt hold me back. This kept me from achieving a life that reflected more of who I really was and who I wanted to be. If I was going to get anywhere in life it’s time that I started swinging the bat and knocking out my self-doubt…

I am at the point in life where I am questioning everything and everyone. I no longer accept someone’s version as the only and right way to live. (Had I been alive during the 1960’s. I would have fit right in.) After all, it is my life and I have the right to live it as I see fit.

I am giving up trying to compete with other people. This includes things like not playing team sports. Instead, I cycle, rock climb and take martial arts. I will create my own mountains to climb – I have nothing to prove to anyone – but myself.

I am learning to be flexible and letting go of strict schedules and routines. Instead of trying to lose a certain number of pounds a week/month/year, I am focusing on improving my overall health. Now it’s about looking at how I did compared to last year and then focusing on doing better next year.

I am working on becoming more self-reliant. When we rely one someone else, doing so gives them power and influence.

I have paid off all of my debt.

Realistically, this is not going to be a quick overnight fix and I will need to work on this every day going forward. Because if I don’t, it’s very likely that I could slide back into my old ways. That is something that I don’t want to happen especially after I have done so much hard work.

If you have any ideas, suggestions or comments for the good of the cause, please pass them along!

Peace Dudes!



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