Minimalism is not an instant utpoia.

By Mike Aux-Tinee.

It’s unrealistic and irrational to expect minimalism (or for that matter any other ‘ism’) to solve all of your problems.

I understand that you are in a tight spot and quite desperate to find a ready-made solution. You want answers and you want them now (this is a symptom of your problem).

It’s time for some tough talk. The first thing is, there are no quick and simple answers in life. Secondly, the only viable solution stares back at you in the mirror everyday. Lastly, it’s going to take a commitment and some sacrifices on your part to right the ship and make it sea worthy again.

I know that’s not what you wanted to hear. After all, I am supposed to be the expert and provide you the answers… I believe in showing someone how to fish so they can feed themselves for a lifetime…

To get things going, I’m going to ask a question. What is the problem that is dominating your life and causing so much disequilibrium?

It’s time to be honest. To end once and for all the someone or something out of my control blame game. I believe each of us creates a majority of our problems and many of them could have been avoided if we just stopped and thought more about what we were about to do.

I know where you are right now because I have been there. I had to acknowledge many of the things I was doing were causing nearly all of my problems. It was tough to admit that I needed to make some changes if my life was going to get better. I had to buckle down to put my life on the path it is now. (just as a side note, becoming a minimalist did help solve – but not all – of my problems).

Here are just some of the things that I had to come to grips with:

I had too much debt that I could not pay back if (or when) I lost my job – which did happen.

I had no concept of self-reliance.

I was afraid to say no.

I was afraid to speak up and defend myself.

What I did to right my ship was:

I had to define who I was, who I wanted to be and to commit myself to making the changes.

Money (actually debt) was a problem. I looked at what I really needed and what I didn’t and learned to learn to live below my means.

I defined what made me happy.


You must accept enough is enough. In economics it’s called the law of diminishing returns. While it is normally used in production, I think it’s very relevant. Basically, (and I am paraphrasing), the more inputs there are will bring about a lower return. So how does this apply? Well, by simply piling more and more on top will not yield the return (or outcome) you are hoping for. Doing this, you are just burying the problem, while it’s out of your sight, it still exists.

It’s time to commit yourself 100% to the different life you want. I hope you come to the conclusion and understand that only you can make things different and ultimately better.

If you need more help, I wrote a book about what I did to change my life.

Peace Dudes!



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