My resolution – to not make a New Year’s resolution.

by Mike Aux-Tinee.

With two holidays down and just New Year’s left, I am looking forward to putting this year in the books. I’ve accomplished a lot this year: I became debt free in March. I traveled to Venice and Lake Como in August. Islands of Happiness came out in November. I have changed what I eat, exercised more and worked to improve my happiness. Not too shabby of a year!

With so much accomplished, one would think that I am spending every waking moment hovered over a Cray Mainframe Supercomputer trying to figure out a way to manipulate the time continuum so I could fit even more into my life in 2013 (well, just to let you know… I forgot the password to the security door…)

I know it’s an ice breaker at holiday parties to ask ‘what are your New Year’s resolutions?’. Every time I ask that question, the flood gates break open and I am barraged with a near perfect (no breath) run-on sentence. I walk away not knowing what the hell the person wants to do… (so I’ve stopped asking).

I’ve decided to make a resolution to not make a New Year’s resolution. So why am I doing this? Well, they are usually abandoned, busted, and broken some time in the second or third week in January anyway. You know this happens, I know this happens so how about we be realistic. I don’t want to experience failure so early in the year. It’s a motivation thing. And to keep me motivated all 365 days next year, here is what I come up with instead:

To work at improving my life and happiness…

I know, that could be considered a resolution, but let’s not split hairs here. It’s about making 2013 better than 2012. It gives me the flexibility to make adjustments and to not feel guilty if (or when) I change course and try something different.

I hope you play it safe on New Year’s Eve!

Peace Dudes!



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