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Here are some of my favorite links. Here is what each person has to say about themselves on their about page.


About Simply Being Mum

In 2009 I stumbled across a book that changed my life. It turned me into a Simple Living Mom.

It was entitled ‘Simplify your Life’ By Naomi Saunders. Feeling completely overwhelmed with stuff, commitments and life in general I started a journey toward a simpler life, and am still continuing my fulfilling journey toward a family life simply done

I hope that by sharing my family’s journey toward this family life simply done (we are a family of 4 living in the UK) that we can learn together through our experiences. That’s why I love readers comments and feedback. So please let me know your thoughts on the posts I write.

My family is my biggest passion in life. But I am also motivated by my ‘day job’ – I work for myself in the non-profit sector, hopefully making a difference and giving something back.

You’ll find that a lot of my posts are about food – I’m a foodie! I love cooking, preparing meals, meal planning and also work toward a ‘No Waste’ policy when it comes to food at Chez Wright



I have always had an interest in things happening away from where I live…  Everything always seemed so mysterious and more interesting elsewhere.

From choosing my next Nancy Drew book based upon her destination through selecting French for my required foreign language courses in college, I have always had an interest in being transported to another place – if only for a few hours!

Only when I actually started traveling did this interest manifest itself into a love of travel and adventures that I don’t expect to ever quell.

I hope you will find my experiences, insights, or just silly stories of travel to be as entertaining for you as they have been for me to revisit and write about!


Little Old Me And My First Blog Adventure

Striving for something extraordinary selecting the most interesting from random thoughts.

Deciding to take the plunge and start a blog finally, the tips all said “focus on one area” but mine and I’m sure most people’s minds do not work like that.

I am choosing instead to share my passions and thoughts as they come and see where it takes me. Hopefully the adventure will be promising.

Currently my interests tend to be on exercise – yoga and pole dancing in particular, nature and conservation, health and wellbeing, psychology, writing (of course) and travel.

**2012 Update** First of all an apology for the quality of my videos :s I know I shake like I have an interesting kind of syndrome. I certainly don’t claim they are the best you will come across. I include them because they are mine, and I take them generally just as part of a memory of my travels and to capture more of the mood of a place – you aint gonna find Avatar style production value here

Secondly, I am trying to get finished writing up Vietnam, a trip I took in 2009. I am hoping to get round to my 2010 honeymoon to Uganda after that then work on other work trips I have taken to Africa as well as the usual random stuff.

Thank you for taking the time to read my stuff – you have no idea how heart warming and wonderful it is to hear from people! (yes I am a hermit who lives under a rock so I appreciate most human contact!)

I hope you can take some time and stop by each of them.

Peace Dudes!


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